Cancelled 2016 rally
Cancelled 2016 rally
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Steam Entries

1933 Foden D Type, (AMB 300). Owned by J. Walker

1927 Burrell, Gold Medal, (PH2900). Owned by J. Walker

1923 Marshall, S Type Road Roller, (TM 3589). Owned by E. Rutter

1911 Aveling & Porter, 3 Ton Roller, (FC 4016). Owned by S. and D. Ross

1913 Garrett, 4CD Tractor, (BJ 1696). Owned by B. & L. Brown

1907 Aveling & Porter, XAC 4 Tractor, (BP 7501). Owned by J. Vickery

1902 Burrell, General Purpose, (AH 7105). Owned by P & I Vickery

Road Machines, Dumper, (Q48 GBY). Owned by D. Philpot

1921 Aveling & Porter, R10 Road Roller, (HR 4399). Owned by P. Honour

1891 McLaren, Traction Engine, (BP 6143). Owned by M. Evans

1913 Marshall, Traction Engine, (BJ 5934). Owned by T. Petty

1923 Aveling & Porter, 8 Ton Road Roller, (PD 6410). Owned by J.F. & P Harrower

1897 Fowler, B4 General Purpose Engine, (BH 6971). Owned by Boughton Family

1930 Ruston & Hornsby, Road Roller, (UR 5657). Owned by S. & S. Vickery

1921 Ruston & Hornsby, Road Roller, (CJ 4853). Owned by S. & S. Vickery

1929 Foster, Wellington Tractor, (YC 7165). Owned by The Holman Family

1926 Foden, C Type Steam lorry, (TW 4207). Owned by N. Caldow

1927 Burrell, Traction Engine. (VF 1273). Owned by M. & R. Fensom

1926 Zettelmeyh, Road Roller, (BF 8138). Owned by Perrins Family

1914 Fowler, Ploughing Engine, (AB 9987). Owned by C. Griffiths

1910 Clayton Shuttleworth, Agri, (BE 8003). Owned by C. Griffiths

1928 Tasker, B2 steam Tractor, (932 GRO). Owned by The Grover Family

1921 Aveling & Porter, Road Roller, (YA 1177). Owned by S. Ward

1920 Garrett, 4CD Steam Tractor, (FX 1300). Owned by Burbury Family



1/2 Size


2014 Foden, C Type, (LK14 POU). Owned by K. Edwins

2014 Foden C Type, (LK14 RFE). Owned by J. Vickery

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Chiltern Steam Rally details:

6&7 July 2024



10am to 5pm


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Adults:  £10

Children: £2



Rally Site Address:

Hyde End, Nr Great Missenden. HP16 ORD

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Chiltern Traction Engine Club 2013 Limited,

Honours Yard,

Lodge Lane,

Little Chalfont,



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