Cancelled 2016 rally
Cancelled 2016 rally
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1959 A.J.S.  185  500cc  (XWX 608)  

T. Gregory

1941 B.M.W.R75  750cc (340 UYE) 

T. Lacey

1951 B.S.A. BANTAM(comp)125cc  

B. Wade

1951 B.S.A. BANTAM D1125cc  (GJB 906)

H. Andermahr

1951 B.S.A. BANTAM(rigid)  MGO 512 

A. Briggenshaw

1965 B.S.A. BANTAM G.P.O. 175cc  (GLE 977C)  

J. Wade

1950 B.S.A. GOLDEN FLASH  650cc  (MJH 428)

Flack Family

1952 B.S.A. GOLDEN FLASH  650cc  (GBK 958)  

Flack Family

1956 B.S.A. GOLDEN FLASH  A10 650cc  (SKX 541)  

G. Nutley

1960 B.S.A. GOLD STAR DBD  500cc (128 XUS)  

D. Last

1943 B.S.A. M.20  500cc  (698 MHX)  

G. Henderson

1944 B.S.A. M.20  500cc  (TAS 554)  

D. Rogers

1958 B.S.A. M.21  600cc (543 PMP)  

M. Holhouse

1964 B.S.A. B.40  350cc (CPG 316B)  

D. Eglington


J. Wade

1951 DOUGLAS  350cc  (443 XUB)  

P. Castle

1956 FRANCIS BARNETT  197cc  (645 UYW)  

C. Gorman

1995 HARLEY DAVIDSON1340 cc  (N736 FTM)  

J. Spicer

1949 JAMES COMET 98cc  (LJH 215)  

J. Luck

1961 JAMES CAPTAIN  200cc  (946 UXB)  

M. Prested

1956 (approx) JAP Speedway Bike  500cc  

Flack Family

1960 MATCHLESS G5  350cc (PSK 622)  

T. Payne

1959 MOTO RUMI FORNICHINO  125cc  690 UXB  

J. Drew

1964 NORTON ATLAS  750cc BBO 898B  

D. Lynch

1953 SINCLAIR GODARD powerpak49cc  105 YUK  

J. Luck

1950 SUNBEAM S8  500cc GFO 149  

T. Barlow

1914 TRIUMPH Model C  550cc  XB 2773  

R. Frampton

1915 TRIUMPH Model H  600cc  AD 6771  

P. Barfield

1937 TRIUMPH 2H  250cc XSV 173  

W. A. Page

1939 TRIUMPH Tiger 100  500cc  FKL 734  

J. Gorman

1974 TRIUMPH DATTONA  500cc  KVJ 786P  

A. Mancha

1929 VELOCETTE K.T.S.  350cc UR 3892  

Flack Family

1968 VELOCETTE VENOM 500cc  VVK 521G  

M. Huggins

1955 VINCENT BLACK PRINCE 998cc  SYL 221  

J. Richardson


Message board:

2019 Rally - All sections are now full.


It is with great sadness that Ian Woollett, a long-term member, has passed away. Ian was a very talented engineer and fond of all steam.

Ian Woollett's funeral will be held at Chiltern Crematorium on Monday 8th July at 4.15pm.


Help is always required throughout the year to make our rally great. 

If you think you can help the club and the rally by volunteering a few hours of your time to help either; marshall the exhibits, setting up the rally site, or as pay lane assistant, any help is greatly recieved.

If you think you can help the club and the rally in any way, please contact us. Thank you.

Chiltern Steam Rally details:

Rally Site Address:


Honor End Lane,



HP16 9HQ

6th & 7th July 2019



10am to 5pm


Entrance fee:
Adults:  £8

OAP's:  £7

Children: £2

Club Office address:


Chiltern Traction Engine Club 2013 Limited,

Honours Yard,

Lodge Lane,

Little Chalfont,




Tel: 01494 766772

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