Cancelled 2016 rally
Cancelled 2016 rally
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1931 ALVIS Silver Eagle Beetleback (VU 3139) 2148cc. 70hp. 

P. Brown.

1924 ARROL JOHNSON Empire Tourer (BF 8427) 3290cc. 20hp. 

D. Morgan.

1926 AUSTIN Open (BS 9023) 1861cc. 12.8hp. Owned by 

A. Mealing.

1929 AUSTIN 12/4 Burnham Saloon(VJ 2183) 1861cc, 12hp. 

K. Wright.

1931 AUSTIN 12 Burnham (DT 3956) 1981cc, 12.8hp

A. Mealing

1931 AUSTIN 7 Box Saloon (WD 2030) 750cc, 7hp

V. Hodge

1932 AUSTIN 7 Deluxe (YD 5791) 747cc. 

A. Dyas.  

1932 AUSTIN 7 RN (HVS 582) 747cc, 101/2hp. 

J. Moody.

1933 AUSTIN 10/4 Saloon (JJ 8014) 

D. E. White.

1934 AUSTIN RP Van (JC 2179) 750cc. 

J. Walker.

1938 AUSTIN 7 Ruby Mk2. (JMP 218)

D. Pope.

1939 AUSTIN(BDP 792)

R. Hughes

1946 AUSTIN Saloon (HLK 482) 900cc. 8hp. 

A. Dean.

1959 AUSTIN Cambrian (4542 PL) 1600cc. 

M. Reid.  

1960 BMW ISETTA Moto coupé (1133 RF) 300cc, 13hp

N. Turnham

1960 BMW ISETTA Moto coupé (321 FRT) 300cc, 13hp

L. Turnham

1969 ERIBA Puck 

J. Tomes-Rolt

1938 FORD 7Y Deluxe (EUW 265) 8hp. 

J. R. Stables.

1961 FORD Anglia 105E Saloon (380 HFK) 997cc. 

P. Rathbone.

1964 FORD Anglia 105E Van (BRX 214B) 997cc, 9hp 

H. J. Holmes.

1952 FORD Anglia (JAY 295) 1ltr, 10hp.

R. Nutt

1966 FORD Cortina MK1 Saloon (MVYP 539D) 1498cc. 

B. Shore.

1967 FORD Anglia 105E Standard Estate(PYP 248E) 997cc, 39hp. 

D. Smith.

1971 FORD Escort Van 8 Deluxe (UNK 774J) 1300cc.

P. Jarrott.

1953 JAGUAR XK120 DHC (FAS 227) 3442cc. 180hp. 

S. Didcott.

1929 LAGONDA (GU 2937) 1996cc, 12.9hp. 

T. B. Willcox.

1957 MESSERSCHMITT KR Cabriolet  (WAH 136) 200cc

I. Jenkins

1953 MG TD II Sports Car (RKM 347) 1350cc. 

B. Gregory.

1969 MG BGT(XHW 868H) 1800cc. 

D. J. Addison.

1972 MG B GT (OWE 610K) 1799cc

J. Tomes-Rolt

1929 MORRIS Dome Head Coupe (KH 9596) 11.9hp. 

J. Martin.

1935 MORRIS Four Door Saloon(CFC 894) 918cc, 8hp

R. Bickerton

1935 MORRIS 8 Series 1, 2 seater(BYL 186) 

T. Challton

1935 MORRIS 12/4 Series II(CDX 106) 1522cc. 12hp. Owned by 

T. Ponting.

1935 MORRIS 8 Saloon and 1933 Brompton Caravan (MJ 8370) 913cc, 8hp. Morris and caravan 

F. Gregory.

1936 MORRIS 8 Four Door Saloon (DSK 728) 918cc. 8hp. 

D. Wells.

1947 MORRIS Series Y Van (JAR 914) 1500cc 12hp

G. Cambell

1948 MORRIS Series ‘E’ (NTW 22) 918cc, 8hp. 

D. Jarrott.

1952 MORRIS Z Van (GBW 261) 

P. Jarrott.

1954 MORRIS MINOR Two Door Saloon (OWT 287) 800cc, 30hp

J. Wyper

1971 MORRIS ½ ton Van (DYC 816T) 1.6ltr

P. Jarrott

1977 RELIANT Scimitar Sega (TWB 3115) 3.01ltr, 137hp

O. Gregory

1953 STANDARD Vanguard Saloon(MYW 279) 2088cc. 

P. Gavin.

1955 STANDARD 10 Saloon (HJT 159) 948cc. 

W. J. Sarney.

1912 SUNBEAM (LF 4900) 4ltr. 12/16hp

D. Gray-Fisk

1955 SUNBEAM Cabrolet (PSL 365) 2.2ltr. 

T. Gregory.

1938 WOLSELEY 14/60 Saloon(CUY 217) 1800cc. 

J. Dellar.


Message board:

2019 Rally - All sections are now full.


It is with great sadness that Ian Woollett, a long-term member, has passed away. Ian was a very talented engineer and fond of all steam.

Ian Woollett's funeral will be held at Chiltern Crematorium on Monday 8th July at 4.15pm.


Help is always required throughout the year to make our rally great. 

If you think you can help the club and the rally by volunteering a few hours of your time to help either; marshall the exhibits, setting up the rally site, or as pay lane assistant, any help is greatly recieved.

If you think you can help the club and the rally in any way, please contact us. Thank you.

Chiltern Steam Rally details:

Rally Site Address:


Honor End Lane,



HP16 9HQ

6th & 7th July 2019



10am to 5pm


Entrance fee:
Adults:  £8

OAP's:  £7

Children: £2

Club Office address:


Chiltern Traction Engine Club 2013 Limited,

Honours Yard,

Lodge Lane,

Little Chalfont,




Tel: 01494 766772

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